The Beals Historical Society Building Fund

The Beals historical Society is raising funds that will be used eventually for a facility for assembling and displaying historical artifacts and other materials related to the history of Beals Island and the larger Moosabec area.

In the absence, of a historical building that could be utilized, the society may erect a completely new building. In such an event, the locally-raised funds would be used as seed money, for grant-writing and/or construction money. Should a suitable, existing building become available, the funds could be used for renovating and preparing such a building for historical society use. The current society building, at Cemetary and Bridgeview, used for storage and minimal displays, would be phased out.  

As envisioned by the Society, the future building would be located on a portion of the old school house lot near the Beals Town Office. It is anticipated that this facility would feature exhibits related to local folk hero Tall Barney Beal, boat building, the various fisheries and high school basketball, as well as other topics of historical interest. A part of the plan incorporates a small plaza with memorial paving bricks.

Incorporated into the site would be a display area for representative lobster boats. One such boat, now nearly 100 years old, has been donated for this purpose by Rosario Giannetti of Jonesport. This 27-foot overhang stern vessel believed to have been built by Maurice Dow at Kelley's Point for Beals lobsterman Lowell Edward Beal. It sits on the future building site.

Your participating, in the building fund effort will help assure the preservation of the area history.


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